11 Jul 2010

Songbird by Josephine Cox


She was once young and vibrant, a beautiful woman with a promising future. But a dark and dangerous secret forced her to leave everything—and everyone—she cared for. Now she lives alone in a quiet riverside town, her heart breaking as she watches the world change from the shadows. All that is left to bring her joy is her stunning, glorious voice, a voice that enthralls anyone who hears it, including a student named Betsy.

Kind and thoughtful, Betsy is determined to help the woman live her life to the fullest again. But coming out of the dark—and exposing her heart to hurt once more—will not be easy . . .

I have to admit that this book spent a lot of time on my bookshelf before I actually picked it up to read it but it was worth the wait, definitely. It was the first book I had read written by Josephine Cox and I was instantly sucked into the story of a woman who got stuck in a situation she should not have been and spent most of her life in hiding from the truth... Although it took me a little while to get into the story, it was worth it.

9 out of 10