18 Jul 2010


My Take by Gary Barlow and Richard Havers

My Take Take That were the original British boy band. They sold out arenas in less time than it took to play one of their chart-topping singles. Gary Barlow was the band's gifted front man who not only wrote hits such as "Pray" and "A Million Love Songs" but sang them too. Then, the band quit at the very height of their fame. Here, Gary reveals for the first time his ride on the rollercoaster of fame, the truth behind the rumours of the band's feuding and his fall-out with Robbie, and how he sank into depression only to rise again in one of pop's greatest comebacks: the record-breaking Take That reunion tour. Candid, confident and down-to-earth, Gary is definitely back for good. 

This was one of the books that I bought yesterday and was very excited about reading.  I was going to put that on my 'next to read' stash on my bed side table when I had a feeling of deja vu..  I thought I would open the book up and have a little read and look at the pictures....   Again, that feeling of deja vu returned.  I had already read this book and forgotten that I had read it!  That's not a bad thing because, from what I remember, it was a very good book and very funny ....  I ended up reading the entire book today (finished only minutes ago!) and it is brilliant!

For those of you who are Take That fans, this book is a must read......

10 out of 10