11 Jul 2010


I am what I am by John Barrowman

I Am What I Am

Written with John’s trademark style, I Am What I Am is filled with juicy titbits from behind the scenes of Doctor Who and Torchwood, alongside heartwarming family anecdotes and personal revelations, including John’s perspective on fame and how it has affected him. Intimately exploring aspects of John’s current life, this memoir gives fans the opportunity to get up close and personal with exclusive anecdotes from recent and ongoing projects, all told with John’s trademark charm and humor—an unmissable treat for any fan.

John Barrowman has been one of my favourite people on TV since I was a teenager sitting home on a Saturday morning watching Live and Kicking (I think that is what it is called...?) with him hosting it...He is so talented and funny and a brilliant actor/singer and I am glad that he brought out a biography.... 

This is a really funny great read.....  Would definitely recommend it to anybody who loves reading biographies...

10 out of 10