11 Jul 2010

The Loner by Josephine Cox

The Loner

Davie Adams wasn't quite an adult the night he lost it all. His mother gone forever and his father on the run, Davie knew that he could no longer stay in Blackburn, the only home he'd ever known. He made his way to London with little more than the shirt on his back, desperate to escape his haunted memories and sure that he could survive anything.

But life on his own is not what Davie expects. His search for his father proves fruitless, and the loneliness eats away at him. Anxious to reunite with the people he left behind, he returns to his anguished grandfather and his childhood love still pining for him in Blackburn—where he discovers that only his own fears can keep him from learning the truth about what tore his family apart.

Another one of Josephine Cox books that I really enjoyed! I like the way that with each of the books I have read of hers so far the stories have the same feel to them, the way the characters go through something painful in the past and now they have to come to terms with that and move forward.

A great story and I have a feeling I might have to be reading a lot more of her books in the future....

9 out of 10