11 Jul 2010

The Girl in the Mirror by Cathy Glass

The Girl in the Mirror

This bestselling text provides students with the basic knowledge of medical language they need to communicate clearly with other health care team members. It presents not only medical terms built from word parts, but also those not built from word parts, which are sometimes omitted from other texts. Logically organized with a body system approach, this text also provides a brief review of anatomic terminology. A wealth of exercises helps students memorize word parts and their meanings, so they'll be equipped to recognize and define new medical terms.

A very different style of story from those that Cathy Glass has written before but I loved it. I read this one in two days (which is one of my personal records!) I have only recently started reading 'real life' stories and certainly this story opened my eyes to what is happening all around the world and, in this case, what happened to a poor little girl who goes through a very traumatic situation when she was a child and, until now, the memory of that time had been blocked from her memory. Little did she know that upon hearing that her grandfather is very ill this would open up the flood gates to all those memories her mind was trying to keep hidden. If you have a weak immune system for gory medical illnesses there might be certain parts of this book you might want to give a miss

10 out of 10