13 Jul 2010

Beyond Ugly by Constance Briscoe

Despite her mother's constant physical and psychological abuse, Constance Briscoe has gained a place at Newcastle University to study law - a long-held ambition. She finances her studies by several jobs at weekends and during the holidays, including working with the terminally ill in a hospice. She also finds the money to pay for several cosmetic surgery treatments in an attempt to transform the face that her mother has convinced her is ugly, ugly, ugly. With the degree achieved, Constance takes up Michael Mansfield's invitation to become a pupil in his prestigious chambers. But she didn't find the support and encouragement she expected.

This was a great book to read...  If I was on a roller coaster, reading Constance's first book (the first half of the story) called 'Ugly' would be the part where you had reached the top of the hill and you are sailing down the other side...  With Beyond Ugly, that part would be the ride up the hill.  It can be long and a bit boring at parts but well worth the read to fully understand the full picture......    Not as good as the first story but still worth the read if you are interested in finding out what Constance 'did next'..

6 out of 10