21 Jul 2010

Charity Shop/Thrift Shop Book Haul

My addiction took me over in my lunch break today!  I had the urge to go and buy books....    I may have bought a few!!!!  Here is what i bought:

Silver Wedding


The Innocent Man


Rumor Has It: In a town this small, a secret is hard to keep

The Truth About Melody Browne

A Place Called Here signed edition

The Return Journey

Hmmm....  I think I will add them to the pile 'to be read' that is growing bigger and bigger....  Maybe I should stop buying books?   Nah!


Karen & Gerard said...

You should use the library--much cheaper! Then if you find one you really like, check PaperBackBookSSwap.com and you might be able to get for nothing.

titancia said...

Great haul! I love buying books, too. I went thrift shopping today and came back with a bunch... I should warn you, though! Paperbackswap only makes it WORSE! I've been on there about a year and have had 100 books sent to me, and sent out about a quarter of that because I don't want to get rid of them! :)

Debra's Book Cafe said...

Thanks Karen. I should use the library and keep meaning to but I just love the feeling of buying new books and reading them and not having to give them back... but that's just my personal preference.

Dawn, Its Saturday morning and I am really restraining myself to go out around town and shop....!! I have had a look at paperbackswap which looks like an amazing site although, as I am from England, I am not sure whether I can use it or not... lol!