16 Apr 2023

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Book Review / A Winter Memory by Lulu Taylor

A house full of secrets lies at the heart of this absorbing family drama that is perfect for the winter months, from Sunday Times top ten bestselling author Lulu Taylor.

Where is Sylla? Why will no one tell me where she is?

Helen is married to Angus, the younger of the Ballintyre brothers. They met as students and Helen fell in love, not just with Angus but with the romantic Ballintyre family and their beautiful house on the edge of a loch. But marriage to Angus has not proved happy.

Now, years later and with a family, Helen and Angus have been forced to move back to live at Ballintyre with his older brother, Charlie. Helen is surprised to find that Sylla, Charlie’s wife, has disappeared and no one seems to know where she is. Helen is worried, not least because Charlie and Sylla lost their teenage daughter, Rose, only a year before. Surely someone should be looking for her . . .

Sylla Ballintyre has spent her life ministering to her husband, Charlie, and coping with the presence of his overbearing mother, Josephine, until the tragedy of losing Rose drained her happiness away. When she stumbles on the path to freedom, she knows she must take it, whatever the cost.

As Helen struggles with the fallout of recent events and its effect on her life, Ballintyre House becomes the setting for revelations of love, obsession and betrayal that have resonated beyond the present and into the past, affecting the lives of all those who have called it home.


Published:     25th November 2021
Publisher:  Pan
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Series or Stand-Alone:  Stand-Alone
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One of the things that I love about this author is that she knows how to weave a story together that has the perfect amount of suspense and drama that keeps me hooked right to the very last page.  This book was no different. 

What I loved the most about this story is the family history of the Ballintyre family and the feeling that I had that there is more to the story than meets the eye.   You have various characters appear throughout the story and all very important to the overall plot.   As with most of this author's novels, we follow two timelines; Helen in the present day and Tiggs in the past.  As the story slowly goes along, you get to see the two timelines slowly get closer and closer together until you get to plot twists that I really wasn't expecting.

Loved this story and could not recommend it highly enough!