11 Jul 2010

The Men who Murdered Marilyn by Matthew Smith

The Men Who Murdered Marilyn

Written by the author of "JFK: The Second Plot", this is an account of the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe. The book features interviews with friends and associates of Marilyn. It was not until 20 years after her death that the suggestion that Marilyn Monroe did not take her own life gained widespread scrutiny. Since then, many theories have been propounded. The author attempts to reveal what actually happened and the motives involved.

 When I was a teenager, I was very into the conspiracy scene and reading up on all the possible alternative stories of real things that have happened in the past.  Unfortunately, I did not keep any of the books (I passed them on to charity shops for others to read) but I did manage to keep this one which is a very interesting read indeed.  It certainly opened my mind to other possibilities..... 

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has a question mark over the events surrounding the death of Marilyn Monroe...  You will probably still have a question mark after you read this book but some 'facts' might start to sway you either way...

9 out of 10