11 Jul 2010

Waterstones Book Haul

So, I went shopping yesterday.....  I might have walked into WH Smiths and Waterstones and a couple of charity shops and I might have bought some books....  Ok, I admit it, yes I bought MORE BOOKS!  I think I have a problem now!! lol.....   Is there such a thing as Book Buyers Anonymous.... Nah, I would probably blow off going to meetings and go and buy more books!!!!  Below are the books that I bought and REALLY excited about them......

House Rules: A NovelWhere Rainbows EndDigital Fortress: A ThrillerDeception PointWhat to Do When Someone Dies

The LegacyHer Fearful Symmetry: A Novel

When I went into WH Smiths, they had an offer in there in which if you spent over £10 you could have the book Under the Dome by Stephen King (all of 877 pages long) for £2.99 (probably around $4.50).  I wanted to buy this one before I found this offer so I was well chuffed with it.  I have posted a picture under neath although the cover that I have got is slightly different.  I had three types of cover to choose from...  One with a girl on the front, one with an old man and one with a lady I think...  I will try and find a picture of it because I think it is am amazing cover.....

Under the Dome: A Novel