11 Jul 2010

The Savage Garden by Mark Mills

The Savage Garden

Young Cambridge scholar Adam Banting is in Tuscany, assigned to write a scholarly monograph about the famous Docci garden—a mysterious world of statues, grottoes, meandering rills, and classical inscriptions. As his research deepens, Adam comes to suspect that buried in the garden’s strange iconography is the key to uncovering a long-ago murder. But the ancient house holds its own secrets as well. And as Adam delves into his subject, he begins to suspect that he is being used to discover the true meaning of the villa’s murderous past.

 I am so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY that I have got and read this book.  This is one that I had picked up at a charity shop/thrift store a little while back and thought it sounded like a great story....  boy was I right!!!  One of the types of book that I love to read is mysteries...  family secrets, hidden pasts, hidden architecture....  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

This is a great book for all those who like reading Dan Brown books definitely....

10 out of 10