18 Jul 2010

Small Book Haul

So, I went to see my sister yesterday and me and my partner Geoffrey decided to do a bit of shopping...  Geoffrey bought some Battlestar Galactica DVDs that he was wanting (box sets that would usually cost a lot but now only cost £10 (about $15).  We did not have a lot of time but I decided to take myself into a shop called 'The Works' that sells cheap books, stationary and art supplies.  I could have bought loads but was unfortunately unable to carry them.  They had an offer where it was buy three paperbacks for £5 (about $8 I think)..  I bought a book on Westlife (a fantastic English pop band) for my sister as she is a complete fan and I bought a couple of books for me..  I have a funny feeling I will be going back there in a little while with a rather large bag to hold all the books I intend to purchase! [insert rather large groan of anticipation from Geoffrey who lovingly carries a lot of my bags, bless him!]

My Take

This is the first book I picked up.  I have read this before but had given to a charity shop a while back.  Ill definately keep this copy!

The Kissing Gates

This is the other book I chose.  I loved the cover and title of it and the write up of the story was brilliant...   Can't wait to read this one to!!!

I had better get reading!  I hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Best wishes