6 Feb 2021


Book Review / Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain



When the pretending ends, the lying begins . . . Molly Arnette is good at keeping secrets. As she and her husband try to adopt a baby, she worries that the truth she's kept hidden about her North Carolina childhood will rise to the surface and destroy not only her chance at adoption, but her marriage as well. Molly ran away from her family twenty years ago after a shocking event left her devastated and distrustful of those she loved. Now, as she tries to find a way to make peace with her past and embrace a healthy future, she discovers that even she doesn't know the truth of what happened in her family of pretenders.





Published:     1st October 2015
Publisher:  Pan
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Series or Stand-Alone:  Stand-Alone
Source:  Owned




Diana Chamberlain's novels have always intrigued me.  Having read The Good Father quite a long time ago, I have been meaning to get back to reading another of her novels.  I just happened to see this copy on sale so I thought it might have been a sign that I was meant to read this now!

We follow Molly in this story, which splits into two separate timelines.  In the past, we see Molly when she was young and watch the events unfold on what happened that led to her leaving her family behind all those many years ago.  In the present, we see Molly and her husband as they go through the adoption process, having not been able to conceive themselves.  

I am so conflicted with this story.  On the one hand, I really enjoyed the writing and the suspense.  What really happened long ago and how was it going to impact what was happening in the present.  On the other hand, I wasn't surprised by any of the events that happened and I so wished that I could have been.  This story was very predictable and I wished there were more twists and turns.