11 Sept 2010

Book Review - When Daddy Comes Home by Tony Maguire

She finally thought she was safe! Toni Maguire, author of Don't Tell Mummy, takes up the story of her tragic childhood where she left off, revealing the awful truth about what happened when her father, sent to jail for abusing her, was released, and came home. Toni Maguire's father abused her from the age of six, and was only found out when she fell pregnant, losing the child from a botched abortion. Jailed for his crimes with the help of her testimony, Antoinette believed she was finally safe, but it was not to last. Being dispatched to collect her father from the station by herself marked a new low for young Antoinette. Realizing that she was no longer safe at home, she was forced to leave. Her mother did nothing to protect her or prevent her going. Traumatized and alone, Antoinette was unable to cope, and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, sinking deeper into despair every day. Finally transferred to the dead-end ward with no hope of recovery, Antoinette slowly began to improve, by the sheer force of her indomitable will.

This was a book that I had borrowed from a friend at work and because I like books written by Cathy Glass I thought that this one would be a good read.  Yes, it was good but also it was very frustrating.  In the first few chapters, it was great because you got to see why Antoinette was being abused and what happened to remedy the situation but after that it was all really all about Antoinette coming to terms with this and how she dealt with her relationship with her family which was, to be honest, not as exciting as the beginning of the book. 

5 out of 10

Best wishes


Blair Mirth said...

I have a book you might enjoy if I could suggest it at a later date when I can find it. I think if you did enjoy this you mighty enjoy the book I will suggest :p


Debra's Book Cafe said...

Hey Blair! Thanks! All suggestions most definately welcome! I have to say that a lot of the books I have read lately are ones that have been fantastic reads! Best wishes