5 Feb 2021


Book Review / Broken Things by George Mann


The goddess Amaranth, Queen of the Broken, has been reborn for the first time in generations and now resides once more in her distant tower, observing the world through her strange, fractured eyes. Three pilgrims set out on the trail to find her, each for their own reasons: Pallor, the Knight of Perish, who wishes to die by a worthy hand and will challenge the goddess to a fight to the death; Nok, the tribal Wolkin, who carries her brother’s bones to beg Amaranth to restore him to the afterlife; and Ambrose, the monk, charged by his Order to seek the answer to the unanswerable question at the heart of his faith. Each of these pilgrims will be tested on the road to their inevitable convergence—and each will be granted answers, of a sort, from the Broken Queen…






Published:     December 2020
Publisher:  PS Publishing
Source:  Review Copy Received


It was so good to be back reading George Mann's writing again.  Having previously read and loved Wychwood and Hallowdene, I couldn't wait to get stuck into this and I am truly thankful to be asked to take part in this blog tour.

As this is a novella, I am not going to go into too much depth on the story as I have a firm believe that with most novels, especially novellas, it is best to go into these mostly 'blind'.  That way you can truly enjoy the story.  That said, this world fascinates me.  I am unsure as to whether this is the first novel in this world or that there are many more but having read this with no prior knowledge of what this world is all about, there is plenty of clear descriptions of the characters and the world  that brought me 'up to speed' quickly, which is necessary in a novella!

By far my favourite characters are Ambrose and Amaranth.  Ambrose for his charme and Amaranth for her resilience and the way that she carries herself throughout this story.

 I do, however, have one negative comment to make.  The story was not long enough!  I would have loved to have delved a lot more into this world and the characters and would have happily sat there and read this story in a 400 plus novel! There is so much more I want to know and learn...

Would highly recommend, as well as Wychwood and Hallowdene!