24 Apr 2018


Book Review / All the Hidden PIeces by Jillian Thomadsen

One September morning, Greta Carpenter gets a phone call that will upend her life. Within minutes, she and her family hastily pack up their belongings and abandon their home.

Where did the family go and why?

Det. Roberta Hobbs has been assigned to uncover the family’s whereabouts. Hobbs is a confident, intelligent police veteran. However, each passing day brings her closer to her unresolved past. When Hobbs digs deeper into the mystery, all leads point to her own longtime ex-boyfriend – a former drug dealer turned philanthropist named Steven Vance -- as the primary suspect.

This riveting dual-timeline suspense novel takes us back to 2004 -- the year Greta Carpenter first realizes something is wrong with her young son, John. Over the course of his childhood, John’s learning disabilities become apparent. Greta’s unfaltering advocacy on his behalf puts her at odds with the school system and strains her relationship with her husband Griffin.

Eventually Greta and Griffin’s marriage falls apart, and during the divorce trial, Greta reveals that she was a teenage runaway, and a local entrepreneur named Steven Vance rescued her from the streets. Vance is certainly a man of many shades – a local celebrity for his philanthropy, a reformed criminal, a cunning CEO who sits atop a questionable mini-empire, a benevolent former father figure to Greta and a lying, evasive former companion to Hobbs.

It seems that only Vance has the power to make people disappear in this small town and he emerges as the most obvious suspect…but Hobbs remains uncertain of his role. While her colleagues question whether she can truly be impartial, Hobbs realizes she has a reason to suspect them as well. Nothing is obvious in this thriller…except that Hobbs must race to solve the mystery before it’s too late.

Published:     21st April 2018
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What an interesting read and certainly kept me on my toes wanting to find out what on earth was going on!   You have Greta Carptenter who after receiving a mysterious call ups and disappears with her family.   You then have Det Hobbs who is investigating this disappearance but her investigation gets more complicated when one of the suspects is an ex of hers.

This books has a lot of really great twists and turns.  The ending was ok.  With all the build up and suspense, I was expecting something a bit more explosive than what happened but that said I certainly hadn't guessed what was going to happen at the end and to me that is always a great ending...