11 Jul 2010

The Journey by Josephine Cox

Journey's End

Following the fortunes of the much-loved characters from her No.1 bestseller "The Journey", Josephine Cox's powerful new novel spans continents, decades and generations of one family. As Barney Davidson watched the liner sail away with his beloved family on board, bound for America, he stood a devastated and broken man. His dream was over, but theirs was just beginning. They must never know what he had suffered to give them this opportunity. But he had no regrets, except for the anguish he had caused them in their innocence. Now many years later Barney is gone. Only Lucy Baker, now old and in ill health herself, knows the truth about what happened. She carries a terrible burden. She promised Barney she would never tell his secret. But is it a promise she can keep?

Great story by a great author.  If you have read my other blogs you will know that I love stories with secrets inside and this one has it all...  Lies, deceit and secrets locked up in a box of lies, deceit and secrets!  
If you love books written by Nicholas Sparks, you will find this book equally as amazing.

10 out of 10