4 Jan 2018

My TBR / January 2018

It's 2018, already!  I can't wait to start my year of reading big.  When I first started blogging (and booktubing on YouTube for a while) I read a lot.  Over the past few years although I have come close to 100 books and in 2017 getting to 100 I wanted to push myself again to read more like I used to do.  I have become a very relaxed reader, read when I want and only when I am in the mood to do it but sometimes I have irritated myself my not reading as much as I wanted to simply because I wasn't in the mood.  Adding a little pressure (not you read this or you die type of pressure) but by setting goals and looking to meet them I hope to read a lot more.

I have decided to set a TBR (To Be Read) pile for each month, which I will post like this one, and then I'm going to bring back the monthly wrap ups.  My hope is that this will kick my reading gear up a notch.  Let's see!

As you will see above and below, I am being a little ambitious for January with several larger books along with quite a few littler books but why not start as I mean to carry on.  All those in the first picture above are ones that I have bought new and have been 'meaning to get to' but haven't yet.  That's another habit I am hoping to break in 2018.  If I intend to read a book, I will.  The books in the second picture below are the Babysitter Club Specials collection, a series that I read when I was younger and I wanted to re-read them this year simply because I want to.

Let's see how I get on!

Happy reading!