30 Jul 2013

Book Review / This Thirty Something Life by Jon Rance

Being a Thirty Something man isn’t easy (especially when you still yearn to be a Twenty Something man). Meet Harry Spencer. History teacher, lover of snack food and terrified of growing up. However, when his wife Emily drops the P-Bomb, Harry is suddenly thrust into the role of expectant father. Cue baby doctor visits, breast-pump demonstrations, morning sickness, food cravings, self-help books, family therapy sessions, cold sweats and the birthing class from hell.

However, when he’s tempted by the greener grass of an ex-girlfriend past, he must make the most important decision of his life. Will Harry have what it takes to become a man or will he succumb to the lure of adolescent fantasy?

Set in London, This Thirtysomething Life: A Diary is a love story about what happens after we've fallen in love, when we’ve swapped frolicking in the bed for cigarettes in the shed and Match of the Day for Mothercare. Brutally honest, riotously funny and often heartwarming, this is a diary about one man’s bumbling journey on the road to adulthood.

Publisher:  Hodder
Goodreads :  Click here
Series:  N/A
Source:  Review Copy from Publisher

Review:   5 out of 10

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