30 Jan 2011

MASSIVE Book haul

Hey guys,

So, I went shopping yesterday to a town  nearby that I don't get to go to much and I just had the best luck ever.  It seemed that everywhere I went to I found books that I wanted at really cheap prices and also found an amazing store called The Works here in England where you can get books, that are normallly £7.00 each, for less than that... Three books for £5 which I thought was AMAZING.... 

Phew!  Ive got enough books now to last me a while! lol...  But since they were so cheap and theyw ere books that I really wanted, I thought it would save me money in the long run by getting them now...

Best wishes



Anonymous said...

I love when you post videos of your book hauls! The books you buy are always so pretty! It looks like you'll be in for some good reading for a while. I'll be looking out for your reviews! :)