14 Jan 2011

Book Review - Mommy Told Me Not To Tell by Cathy Glass

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Mummy Told Me Not to TellWhen Reece arrives at Cathy's door aged 7 years old, he has already passed through the hands of four different carers in four weeks. As the details of his short life emerge, it becomes clear that to help him, Cathy will face her biggest challenge yet.

Reece is the last of six siblings to be fostered. Having been in care for four months his aggressive and disruptive behaviour has seen him passed from carer to carer. Although only 7, he has been excluded from school, and bites people so often that his mother calls him 'Sharky'.

Cathy wants to find the answers for Reece’s distressing behaviour, but he has been sworn to secrecy by his mother, and will not tell them anything. As the social worker prepares for the final hearing, he finds five different files on Reece’s family, and is incredulous that he had not been removed from them as a baby. When the darkest of family secrets is revealed to Cathy, Reece’s behaviour suddenly starts to make sense, and together they can begin to rebuild his life. 

Publisher :  Harper
Review :  10 out of 10

This story was so emotional.  This poor little boy who really did not know any better, chose to stay loyal to the family that brought him up but did not realise that this was the wrong way to be...  I really felt for Reece and all he had to go through and completely understand the way he acted out...  This book is very emotional and cuts very deep into the mistreatment of children today.....

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HalfBloodPrincess said...

This was a great review. The video was great! Aw I want to read this now, it sounds kinda horrific though. Keep up the great work. :D