8 Jan 2011

Book Review - The Cupid Effect by Dorothy Koomson

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This is another amazing book, which I am so glad I found...

Ceri D'Altroy's hero-worship of Oprah Winfrey is beginning to have serious repercussions. Bored with London life and writing yet another 'black is the new black' fashion feature, she's decided to take Oprah's advice and follow her heart's desire. Going back to college might not be everyone's dream but all Ceri's has ever wanted to do is teach...But though her professional life seems to be sorted, Ceri's personal life is still a no-go area. After six long, long, months without so much as a snog, she's given up hope of ever finding anyone who'll put up with her various idiosyncrasies. In fact just lately, her pent-up energies and frustrations seem to have been diverted into solving other people's romantic problems. Since arriving in Leeds she's reunited a happily uncoupled couple, encouraged her new flatmate to do something about his unrequited love and outed the closet relationship of two of her new colleagues. All this, in spite of her new life resolution to mind her own business. But is Ceri destined to always play Cupid? Or can she use some of her powers where they're needed most - to help herself? 

Number of Pages : 342
Published by : Sphere
Release Date in both US and UK:  6th February 2003
Review :  1000000 out of 10 

This book was amazing...   This is the first book I have read written by Dorothy Koomson and I was very surprised.  The cover that I picked up (shown above) is not normally a cover that I would go to and pick up but I am glad that I did because this book is another great chicklit, romantic type book which made me laugh and cry (and sometimes both at the same time)...  If you like chick lit and romance books, this book is a great read.....

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Anonymous said...

You know, this isn't usually the kind of book I'd pick up, but it really does sound good. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Debra's Book Cafe said...

I did have my reservations with this one until I picked it up and starting reading it... If you like chick lit, funny, romantic books - this one is brilliant.. :-)