21 Sept 2010

Book Review - Killer by Sara Shepard

Pretty Little Liars #6: Killer
In picture-perfect Rosewood, Pennsylvania, ash-blond highlights gleam in the winter sun and frozen lakes sparkle like Swarovski crystals. But pictures often lie—and so do Rosewood's four prettiest girls.

Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily have been lying ever since they became friends with beautiful Alison DiLaurentis. Ali made them do terrible things—things they had to keep secret for years. And even though Ali was killed at the end of seventh grade, their bad-girl ways didn't die with her
Hanna's on a mission to corrupt Rosewood's youth, starting with a very attractive sophomore. Aria's snooping into her boyfriend's past. Spencer's stealing—from her family. And pure little Emily's abstaining from abstinence. 

The girls should be careful, though. They thought they were safe when Ali's killer was arrested and A's true identity was finally revealed. But now there's a new A in town turning up the heat. And this time Rosewood is going to burn. 

OMG!   I've only got two more books in the pretty little liars series and then it is all done, what am I going to do!  I just can't stop reading....   need to know some answers and I have a feeling that I am not going to get all the answers until the end of the last book.....

Not wanting to give anything away for those who have not read this book yet but I did love the way each of the main characters had obstacles they had to get through and/or overcome... 

This book was brilliant and I enjoyed this just as much as I did the ones before it....     What am I going to do when I have read the last one! 

10 out of 10

Best wishes