18 Sept 2010

Book Review - Goodbye, Dearest Holly by Kevin Wells

Some tragedies become part of our national history. On August 4, 2002 Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman disappeared. For the next thirteen days their families, the police, and the local community searched for them, while the nation watched in horrific suspense. Almost two weeks after Holly and Jessica went missing, their bodies were found. Two days later Ian Huntley was charged with their murders. In the terrible weeks that followed Kevin started to make notes, fearful that he might forget important details. GOODBYE, DEAREST HOLLY tells the story of the nightmare that began on August 4th, from the moment it became clear that Holly and Jessica were missing, through the long investigation and its aftermath. An unflinching tale of surviving tragedy, Kevin's diaries tell of battles with the media, police bureaucracy and the legal system. The book also includes a gripping account of the trial and convictions of Huntley and Maxine Carr. Above all, GOODBYE, DEAREST HOLLY is a loving act of fatherhood.

So, this was the book that I chose to read in my lunchtimes during the week and I had nearly finished by the end of Friday so I have literally finished it just now...  This was such an emotional ready.  I remember when I heard all about this in the news and the story was just so shocking and sad.  The author is one of the victim's father so that made the story so much more emotional.

7 out of 10

Best wishes