16 May 2020

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Book Review / A Midwinter Promise by Lulu Taylor

One family across two generations.

A marriage marred by trauma and infidelity.

Lives marked by death, divorce and a shattered family.
A dark secret at the heart of a tragedy.

Now the Pengelly family reunites around the sickbed of David, a beloved husband and father, to confront the emotions and the secrets that have divided them over the years.

Set around the beautiful wildness of Tawray, a house near the Cornish coast, A Midwinter Promise by bestselling author Lulu Taylor, is a dramatic story of loss, grief and the legacy of secrets. It is also a tale of reconciliation and renewal.

Published:    26th November 2019
Publisher:  Pan
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Series or Stand-Alone: Stand-Alone
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I am so sad that this is the last novel written by this author that I can get my hands on to read!  I really hope that there will be a new novel this year - I just can't wait to keep reading more!

In this story we follow two timelines (which seems to be Lulu Taylor's style - and I love it!).  In the present we follow Alex and Johnnie who are the siblings of the couple in the story in the past.  They are faced with the potential death of their father and learning to deal with their stepmother, who has always been difficult to deal with.  In the past, we follow David and Julia (Alex and Johnnie's parents) as they meet, fall in love and start a life together.  Julia gets the opportunity to move back and own their family estate and thinks that this will renew her life but things aren't always straight forward.

Most of the story was quite predictable but that didn't distract from it being such a great novel to read and there's always the little plot twist at the end to do with the estate that I hadn't expected and loved.  This was an intriguing story about family drama and mental illness.