1 Jan 2019

Reading Challenges 2018 and 2019

2018 Reading Challenge Goals
Goodreads 150 Book Challenge - I almost done it!!!  Can't believe it!  Although it has meant that throughout the year I have read smaller and more easy to read books and not the larger more complicated ones that I have fancied picking up from time to time, I have really enjoyed pushing myself to read more than what I would normally.   Even though I didn't quite get to the 150 book mark, I went past the 100 book mark, which is more than I have ever done before.  
Read Your Own Book Challenge - Done it!  Always a goal of mine and like to keep a good balance of reading those books that are on my shelf more than ones I have either just bought or were very kindly sent for my review.  
Big Book Challenge -  Done it!  Although a lot of these are ones that are only just over 400 pages, I am glad that I completed this one bearing in mind by 150 Goodreads challenge above.  

2019 Reading Challenge Goals
Goodreads 100 Book Challenge - Always a staple in my goals.  This year I am only limiting myself to 100 books, which I still think is quite a lot but we'll see how we go.  2019 is going to be the year of reading more complicated and in depth books along with series and stand alone novels that  have been on my shelf or on my wish list for a long time now.  
Read Your Own Book Challenge - Always a goal of mine to make sure that I read from my own shelf and not review books or books that I have only just bought..
Big Book Challenge -  A true staple in my challenges that can often get forgotten.

Read 2 Classics  - I always say that I will get around to those one at some point.  2019 is going to be the year.   I have only set this at 2 because there is 1 hefty book and 1 reasonable size novel that I want to get to this year.  Those are:

Read at least 1 book from the Manbooker Winner List  -  For a long time now I have been wanting to try to read a book that has won the Manbooker Winner List.  I bought the book below a long time ago and it has been sitting on my shelf for ages.  2019 will be the year!!