2 May 2016

Month in Review / April 2016

Yet another pretty fantastic reading month for me!  Yey!  Although I did not get to read as many books as I had hoped I always go with quality over quantity and I got that this month for sure!  Some pretty amazing reads.  My favourites for this month have to be The Undomestic Goddess (a reread for me and loved it the second time around), The Help (this was the book that took the longest for me to read not because it was really long but it was a slow paced story and I wanted to take my time and enjoy it), The Hope Family Calender (such an emotional read but Mike Gayle is always a win for me) and Burning Embers (a historical romance from an author who is new to me and who I can't wait to read more of.

Hope you all have had a great reading month in April and are starting off May with great reads too!