26 Apr 2016


Book Review / Burning Embers by Hannah Fielding

An unforgettable passion ignited in the heart of Africa. A fragile love tormented by secrets and betrayal.

Coral Sinclair, a beautiful but na├»ve young photographer, learns within days of calling off her wedding that she has also lost her father. Leaving her life in England, she sails to Kenya to take up her inheritance – Mpingo, the plantation that was her childhood home.

On the voyage, Coral meets a charismatic stranger and their mystifying attraction shakes her to the core. Later she finds out his identity and is warned that the man is not to be trusted. Rafe de Monfort, owner of a nightclub and the neighbouring plantation, is not only a notorious womanizer, but also his affair with Coral’s stepmother may have contributed to her father’s death. Or so the rumours go.

As Coral is swept up in the undeniable chemistry between her and Rafe, a tentative romance blossoms in the exotic, dangerous wilderness of Africa. But when Coral delves into his past, she questions his true motives. Is the infamous lothario just after her inheritance? Or does Rafe’s secret anguish colour his every move, making him more vulnerable than Coral could ever imagine? 

Published:     23rd December 2014
Publisher:  London Wall
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Series or Stand-Alone:  Stand-Alone
Source:  Review Copy from Author


Words cannot truly describe how amazingly beautiful this book is!  Honestly, from reading the description I initially thought that this would be a nice fun easy romatic read.  This book was so much more than that.  For starters, you have an African backstop for most of this story.  The descriptions of people and places were so beautifully written I could imagine myself standing right there in the middle of the story.  Also, what great characters with such depth and great character progression.  If I had to pick favourites they would have to be Coral and Rafe.  Coral is the main character in this story who returns home to Africa after learning of her father's death to take up her inheritance, a plantation that she lived on as a child.  Rafe is a mysterious character at the beginning of the story but one that Coral takes a shine to and cannot seem to resist.

Along with the above, you have other characters who come and go throughout the story, each adding more depth to the story and you also have secrets that Coral needs to discover about what really happened at the planation after she left and before she returned.

This is a truly beautiful story that I would highly recommend to everyone!