19 Apr 2016


Book Review / The Hope Family Calender by Mike Gayle

Tom Hope is broken. Ever since his wife Laura died he hasn't been the same man, and definitely not the same father. Luckily for Tom his mother-in-law Linda is around to pick up the pieces and look after his two struggling daughters, Evie and Lola.

But Tom getting arrested on the first anniversary of his wife's death is the last straw for Linda.

In a last bid attempt to make Tom reconnect with his daughters she takes drastic action and leaves for Australia.

With two fast-maturing daughters Tom has to learn how to accept his responsibilities and navigate the newly dicovered world of single fatherhood - starting immediately.

With only himself to rely on, will Tom fall back into grief or finally step up and be the father his girls need?

Published:     16th June 2016
Publisher:  Hodder & Stoughton
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Series or Stand-Alone: Stand-Alone
Source:  Review Copy from Publisher


First of all, it's a new book written by Mike Gayle.  It's going to be good...  Mike Gayle is one of my favourite authors; I always look forward to anything new that comes out written by him.  Mike Gayle mainly writes chicklit type stories but the main character is usually always male.  Sometimes it has a comedic element and sometimes has a more dramatic realistic feel to it.

This book simply put made me cry and laugh, sometimes at the same time.  Such a beautiful story written to such perfection it felt like I was right there in the story, like a fly on the wall, watching it all unfold moment by moment.  You have Tom Hope whose wife dies in a car accident.  We fast forward a year and see what has happened since that fateful day.  Everything turns on its head when Linda (Tom's wife's mother) leaves Tom to look after his children (trying to force him to face up to his responsibilities rather than just escaping to work) and goes to visit her best friend in Australia.  I absolutely loved following Tom's journey of discovery through trying to be the Dad he should have been a long time ago.  Of course, he hits a few stumbling blocks along the way.

What I also liked was that Linda had had own story too.  I won't go too much into that because it is far better going into this story not knowing too much and discovering things as they go along but I really enjoyed Linda's story and how she goes about resolving her 'difficulties'.

Along with Tom, Linda and Tom's two daughters, you have a few other characters that pop up along the way.  One of my favourites there would have to be an older man that Tom needs at a grief counselling session who becomes a friend.

Although this has a sad tone to the story, this is definitely one not to be missed.  I simply cannot recommend this book enough!!!

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