14 Sep 2015


Blog Tour / Author Interview - EC Ayres

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An abandoned research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Five dead marine scientists who were tracking a furtive tanker for offshore dumping. While Government agencies squabble over jurisdiction for the killings no one is taking responsibility for the tanker. That unwanted task falls at last to Tony Lowell: a pot-smoking environmentalist and private investigator who knows the Gulf and knows how to sail.

Lowell is laid back as only a former Navy SEAL-turned hippy can be: a nonconformist who refuses to carry a gun. But he is now the last man left with skills and knowledge of the Gulf who is willing to face an unknown terror at sea and prevent a global environmental catastrophe.

An award-winning International best-selling novelist, journalist, columnist, critic, film and television writer/producer E. C. Ayres is a graduate of Syracuse University and has lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, Harbin, China and Seattle. He has been involved in environmental issues since the first Earth Day and divides his time between Florida, where the Tony Lowell series is set, and the Pacific Northwest. For more information about E.C. Ayres and his books visit his website at www.ecayres.com.

1. If you could work with any other author, who would it be and why?
John Grisham: he writes about important socio-political issues and works them into tight, effective suspense novels. 

2. What would be a typical working day for you? When and where do you write?
I am a morning person. I write in the morning. I have a den in my house and that is where I write.

3. What is the hardest part of the writing for you?
Staying focused, and not being distracted. It is all too easy to feel I have to do this errand, or pay that bill. Staying focused is essential.

4. When and why did you first start writing?
I first started writing mysteries was when I was a staff writer at Hanna Barbera Productions in Los Angeles, writing for a show called Scooby Doo. Those were all little mysteries, and I learned the basic structure: an event; consequences; a need to investigate; the arrival of the investigator(s); the first clue; further clues; the first suspect; more suspects; the McGuffin (a misleading suspect); a red herring (a misleading clue); the chase; defeat; another chase; another defeat, trapping the suspect only for him to escape; and finally a climactic scene leading to apprehension.

Eventually I left Hollywood and started writing full-length mysteries, starting with Hour of the Manatee, which won the Best First P.I. Novel competition for St. Martin's Press and the Private Eye Writers of America.

5. How did you come up with the idea for your book?
I am an environmentalist, and have written about environmental crime in the past (Eye of the Gator). In the wake of Katrina I was concerned about offshore dumping in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly from the chemical factories south of New Orleans, and used that as my plot basis.

6. Are you a big reader? If so, what are you reading now?
I am a moderate reader, currently reading To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by Joshua Ferris.

7. Do you have any advice for other aspiring writers?
Regardless of the odds you have to believe in what you are doing. You cannot write thinking, 'Oh, this will be a good way to make some extra money,' or anything like that. You have to believe that what you are writing has a place in the market, and that it is worthwhile pursuing.

Website: www.ecayres.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/authorecayres
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GeneECAyres @GeneECAyres

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