1 Feb 2013

Book Review: Simple Secrets to a Happy Life by Luci Swindoll

"Everyone falls in love with Luci. Everyone reads one of her books and wants to know this woman personally. Everyone feels that sweet sense of connection, where it seems that she is sharing from her plainest, deepest self, and seeing into yours . . . She's the world's soul mate." -Anne Lamott Is it possible to stay full of life, laughter, love, and the Lord through eight decades in this crazy world? Is that even realistic? Yes! There is hope, and Luci Swindoll is living proof.

With heart and humor, this best-selling author and beloved speaker lays out the truths that can help us all become a little more creative, organized, healthy, and happy. This is not a complex prescription for how to become superwoman. These are simple secrets, the wisdom produced by years of walking with God and living well.

We don't need more tips for "having it all," but we could all use insight on "having "what matters,"" and there is no better guide than Luci Swindoll.
Luci has spent eight decades accumulating the stories, memories, verses, and practical tips that make up "Simple Secrets to a Happy Life." Whether traveling the world or building life-long friendships, singing in the opera or working for Mobil Oil, every step has taught her a little more about how to love God, love her neighbor, and love herself.

The result is both personal and universal. Organized into fifty short chapters, her reflections form a simple and profound outline for making the most of the lives God has given us.

We could all use a little more joy in our lives, which means we could all use a little more Luci. Visit her through these snapshots of wisdom. You'll find yourself drawn back again and again.

Published:  13th March 2012
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
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Source:   Review Copy from BookSneeze

My Review   7 out of 10

For this book, it was the title that really drew me into wanting to read this one.  ‘Simple Secrets to a Happy Life’,  a story that would bring me some great tips for everyday life.  I have recently been on a organisational kick and changing the way that I do things and this book just fit that section of my life at the moment. 

What I loved about this book
What I loved about this book, was that the contents was exactly what it is titled.  Very simple descriptions and ideas for changing the way you do life.  This book is split into sections:  ‘Beginning with the Basics’, ‘Developing your Style’, ‘Achieving Balance’, ‘Living a Good Life’ and ‘Staying Connected’.   I have taken a lot out of this book and aim to try and apply it to my everyday life.   The descriptions of personal experiences and tips in this book are very much simple and just glossing over  and giving you an idea of what could be done rather than an in depth look at each aspect (which is what I was expecting anyway) but I really enjoyed getting ideas from this book.

Other aspects of this book
There is a larger part of this book than what I was expecting featuring religious content.  Being a person who is still figuring out my feelings on the matter, I did find this to be very helpful although the content was a little more than what I was expecting it to be.

Debs :-)