24 Feb 2013

Author Interview: C L Stone

With an agoraphobic mother and a barely-there father, Sang abhors the isolation keeping her in the shadows. The only thing Sang craves is a fresh start and to be accepted as ordinary by her peers, because for her being different meant being cast out alone.

When her family moves to a new school district, Sang infiltrates a group of boys nearly perfect in every way. Grateful for an influence outside of her parents’ negativity, she quickly bonds with the boys, hoping to blend in and learn from them what it means to have a natural relationship with friends.

Only the boys have secrets of their own and they’ll do anything to keep her safe from the knowledge of the mysterious Academy that they've sworn allegiance to. Bit by bit, Sang discovers that her friends are far from the normalcy she expected. Will her loyalty change when she's forced to remain in the dark, or will she accept that she's traded one house of secrets for another?

Meet Kota, Victor, Silas, Nathan, Gabriel, Luke and North in a story about differences and loyalty, truth and mystery, friendships and heart-throbbing intimacy.

The Academy, ever vigilant.

1. If you could work with any other author, who would it be and why?

I'd love to work with Janet Evanovich. I find her hilarious and I think working along side her would be a whole lot of fun. Imagine coming up with another random car explosion or spending hours of time talking about Joe and Ranger. Sexy!

2. What would be a typical working day for you? When and where do you write?

I have a computer desk set up in the dining room the other half and I turned into office space. I keep random, inspiring pictures up on the desktop to keep me motivated to write.

Depending what I'm writing, I am usually very obsessed with it. Right now I've been obsessed with the boys of the Academy series, so even when I should be editing or writing something different, I'm always drifting back to the books.

I work from home already, so I pop right out of bed and I'll review what I wrote the previous day, just a couple of pages back. When I'm caught up, I can write around 5000 words a day, and up to 10k or more if I've got the time.
3. What is the hardest part of the writing for you?

For me, I don't like to stop working on new material. The hardest part is rewriting and formatting when I want to be writing the next book. Part of my creative process and what I love about writing is discovering what's going to happen next. Even if I already know or planned what I wanted to write, having the words down on paper brings the whole story to life.

4. When and why did you first start writing?

I started writing poetry when I was 16 to impress a boy I liked. It never worked out with the boy but the writing stuck. I jumped from poetry to novels right away, because I loved long stories and discovering new places. I wrote my first novel in three weeks. That was almost ten years ago. I've had a lot of practice since then.
5. How did you come up with the idea for the book your book?

It's actually my own personal fantasy. I find it much easier to write when it is one of my secret day dreams that I'm thinking about. I love obsessions and stories come out much easier when I'm writing about something I'm currently obsessed with. 
6. Are you a big reader? If so, what are you reading now?

I've loved reading since I was little. I used to inhale VC Andrews and Christopher Pike books as a teenager. Now I read a lot of Kelly Armstrong, Garth Nix and lots of romance, mystery, and suspense titles. I'm currently reading through Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series.

7. Do you have any advice for other aspiring writers?

You know that super secret fantasy you day dream about in your head at night that you'd be mortified if your parents or your friends ever found out? Write that. Writing it out takes it to a whole different level and you'll be amazed at the speed you'll get through a book and get to that finished product. When you love it, others will too.