25 Oct 2012

Book Review: Music from Beyond the Moon by Augusta Trobaugh

She became his soul mate and first love, but can they escape a destiny that was decided before they were born?
In 1920's Florida, an abandoned baby boy grows up under a cloud of mystery, adopted by two strong southern women, who try to protect him from his family's secrets and heartaches. But even their best intentions and deepest devotion can't hide the truth forever. Or soften the fate he must face with the girl he loves.
Augusta Trobaugh's unforgettable novel speaks of loyalty, loss, the difficult choices we make in the name of family, and of courageous hope, each inspired by the fragile and painfully longing music of life, a song that seems to come from beyond the moon. 

Published:  30th April 2012
Publisher:  Bell Bridge Books
Source:  Netgalley Review
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My Review

9 out of 10

This is such a heartbreakingly happy and sad story, sometimes sad and sometimes happy and even both at the same time.  We start of the story with a baby being left by his mother and being 'being adopted' into a southern fishing family  This story, for me, centred around this young boy as he grows up not really knowing who he was and who is mother was.   

With a story like this one that is based in the past (1920s), I have to admit that I do find it hard to get into the story.  Not only am I getting to understand the new story that I am reading but I like to understand life in the era that the story is written.  The background information in this story is brilliant.  I had absolutely no trouble picking up the tone of the era and the start to the story and, for me, this really helped keep my attention into reading on.  

I have to admit that this story was very predictable but the enjoyment of this story, for me, was the journey that Victor makes from being left by his mother as a baby all the way to being a teenager and finding out the truth about his family.  There are also an array of characters which add to the depth of the story.

An absolutely great emotional story that I would highly recommend.

Best wishes

Debs :-)

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