1 Jul 2012

Book Review: The Serpent's Head by Julian Malins

What would happen in a terrorist attack resulted in the death of the loved one of someone who could take revenge?

Set in the near future, The Serpent's Head is the story of a terrorist bomb destroying one of the City of London's most iconic buildings and killing the children of parents who decide to extract a dramatic and world changing justice.

Set mainly in China, England, Nigeria, Syria and Saudi Arabia, the plots and sub plots weave the reader around the world, as the flames of a general war between Christianity and Islam ignite in West Africa and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia collapses into chaos. The novel will be the first of several in which the possible future course of the struggle between China, Islam and the West is traced.

The novel is written by Julian Malins, who is a British barrister with a worldwide practice in banking, fraud and money laundering cases especially in the Middle East and the Caribbean. He has had many articles published in legal journals but The Serpent's Head is his first novel and is packed with insider information and personal knowledge and experience.

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Published:   1st May 2012
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8 out of 10

I have to admit that this type of political thrillers are not usually a genre that I tend to read but this is a story that I really did enjoy.  There is a lot of political business talk in this story, which, to be honest, I did struggle keeping my attention on the story.  However, what made this story for me was the story of Liv Peng and his daughter.  He thinks that his daughter is plain and may struggle to find a suitor.  She, on the other hand, meets Jonathan in Oxford and they have a lot in common.  There are a few other characters that we get to know and that was what made this story good for me.

For those of you who likes political thrillers, this is a good one to try.

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