5 Jul 2012

Book Review: Passionate Harvest by Nell Dixon

Nursery nurse Lucy Morgan, unexpectedly inherits half a Somerset vineyard with conditions and a co-owner attached.

Unwilling co-owner Dominic LeFevre, doesn’t want or need a new business partner, especially one who knows nothing about wine.

With Lucy having left behind her old life, and love in Tenerife, she has twelve months to convince Dominic that she’s exactly what both he, and the business, need.

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Published:  17th May 2012   

9 out of 10

What a great mixture of romance and drama.  Lucy inherits 50% of a vineyard from her godfather with the condition that she has to work on it for a year.  If she does that, she gets to keep it to do what she wants with it, either keep it or sell it.  Dominic owns the other half of the vineyard.  At the start, Dominic realises that it would be better for him if Lucy stayed for the year and sell her share to him than having the vineyard go to someone else.

Right from the start, I enjoyed the interaction between Lucy and Dominic.  Great romantic build up with a little bit if sexyness in there to but nothing too overwhelming.  The story has a slow laid back pace that made me really take in the story and its surroundings as we watch Lucy settle int the vineyard way of life.  This story was very predictable but that didnt' matter as the gem of this story was the character build up and intereactions.

I really enjoyed this book and would strongly recommend this to all of you who enjoy a good drama...

Best wishes

Debs :-)


Sheryl Browne said...

What a lovely review! I've read Nell and love her books. Would definitely recommend them! :) x

Nell Dixon said...

Thanks for the lovely review, Debra. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Nell Dixon said...

Thanks, Sheryl!