11 Apr 2012

Book Review - The Jane Austin Marriage Manual by Kim Izzo

A sparkling first novel in which a Jane Austen devotee decides to find out if she can, indeed, marry for money.

Katherine Shaw is happy with her life. She has supportive friends, a glamorous magazine career, and a love of all things Jane Austen. So what if her boyfriend ran off with all her money? So what if she's about to turn forty? She'll move on. 

But when she loses her job, when her beloved grandmother falls ill and her mother's gambling debts force a sale on the family home, Kate finds herself facing a crisis that would test even the most stalwart of Austen heroines. Friends rally round, connecting her to freelance gigs, and presenting her with a birthday gift-- title to land in Scotland--that's about to come in very handy. 

Turns out that Kate's first freelance assignment is inspired by Jane Austen herself: is it possible, in these modern times, to marry for money? It's all hypothetical, of course, until Kate considers the venture a way to solve her family's financial woes. What begins as an article turns into an opportunity as Kate--now Lady Kate--pursues and is pursued, until at last she is forced to choose between Mr. Rich and Mr. Right.

My Review - 10 out of 10

If you are looking for a really fantastic chick lit book that makes you smile, laugh and almost cry (for all the good reasons), this is the book to pick up.  I absolutely loved this book.

We follow Kate in this story who is giong to be turning 40, has not really committed herself to a permanent job and has not yet found the right man. 

This story is very much about three things - Kate's family, friends and work.  The most heartbreaking part of this story for me was the relationship between Kate and her grandmother.  With Kate's mother unable to care for her and her sister, her grandmother brought her up.

As for her love life, there are a few characters that could be Kate's one and only but which one would she choose and will she make the right choice?

If you love a bit of romance, this is the book to pick up......

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