24 Apr 2012

Book Review - The Camera Never Lies by Tess Daly

Britt Baxter is unaware of the effect she has on people. A big-hearted, no nonsense northern girl, she naturally looks for the best in everyone she meets, but in her attempts to make it as model she finds she struggles against being pinned down on the casting couch by the most unlikely people… 

So when a happy accident lands her a career as a presenter on breakfast television, it looks as if she has made it out of the modelling world of close-ups and cattle calls and into the big time – or at least daytime TV. But scarcely has Britt had time to wonder at how far she has come, when backstage machinations propel her with ever increasing speed through a series of trapdoors and she soon realises that the drama backstage far eclipses anything that happens in front of the camera. Tess Daly has written a fast-paced novel with perfect comic timing and as many twists and turns in the plot as her heroine has costume changes. 

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10 out of 10

Right when I was feeling a bit overloaded with reading a lot of paranormal stories, here comes this utterly fantastic chicklit book that makes me laugh, cry, frown and cheer and sometimes all at once!  I really cannot tell you how much I loved this story, oh wait... yes I can.... I LOVED IT!

Britt Baxter is a character that stands up for what is right and not afraid to take chances.  We follow her at the start being a model and going for an absolutely shocking interview where it comes down to the fact that if she wants the job she will have to sleep with the interviewee.  I felt that Britt made absolutely the right decision.  She travels to Tokyo, on the advice of her agent, to try modelling out there but when something unexpected happens to a member of her family, she returns home.  

Aside from her career, Britt has a lot on her plate to deal with in the love department.  At the beginning of the story, she has a boyfriend although my feeling at the time was that it was a situation that was not working for either of them.  

Poor Britt in this story has a lot of ups and downs but this is one tough character and I was completely rooting for her all the way through.

What made this story even more intriguing to me is the fact that the author Tess Daly was a model and also a presenter so that made me think about how much of this story was actually based on real life.    I have popped a link to her Wikipedia page above if you want to learn more.

A great romance chicklit mixed with celebrity drama and mystery. 

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