9 Apr 2012

Book Review - Dark Angel by Eden Maguire (Book 1, Dark Angel)

Tania's heart belongs to Orlando. Nothing can rip them apart. Until the seduction begins in a flurry of glamour and magic, music and parties all orchestrated by the mysterious and mesmerising Zoran, an iconic rock star who has retired to a remote ranch in the nearby mountains. And there Tania meets the dark side. Can she resist temptation?

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My Review

This was a very interesting and confusing book for me.  It had great suspense and build up even though I was not quite sure what it was building up to and some of the time not quite sure what the build up was.  

Tanya lives with her mother and father in this remote place which had been rebuilt after a massive forest fire.   She is plagued by nightmares of forest fires coming to get her and hearing strange voices.  She is not sure what is happening to her.

Meanwhile, a rock star, Zoran, decides to build a ranch up in Black Rock Mountain but he is not what he seems.   After one of Tanya's friends gets into trouble in the mountain, its a race against time to try and save her.  

I would like to point out that there is a sensitive issue in this story that I would not recommend to younger readers.  (I won't say what that it because I don't want to ruin the story, but if you would like to know, please do email me at debrasbookcafe@gmail.com and I will let you know what this is).

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