9 Dec 2011

Book Review - How to Eat A Cupcake by Meg Donohue

Funny, free-spirited Annie Quintana and sophisticated, ambitious Julia St. Clair come from two different worlds. Yet, as the daughter of the St. Clair’s housekeeper, Annie grew up in Julia’s San Francisco mansion and they forged a bond that only two little girls who know nothing of class differences and scholarships could—until a life-altering betrayal destroyed their friendship.

A decade later, Annie is now a talented, if underpaid, pastry chef who bakes to fill the void left in her heart by her mother’s death. Julia, a successful businesswoman, is tormented by a painful secret that could jeopardize her engagement to the man she loves. When a chance reunion prompts the unlikely duo to open a cupcakery, they must overcome past hurts and a mysterious saboteur or risk losing their fledgling business and any chance of healing their fractured friendship.

Expected Release Date : 13th March 2012

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My Review:  10 out of 10 

Oh my goodness, this was such a great chick lit book, I could not put it down!  I really fancy a cupcake and I wonder why!!! lol!

This story centres on Annie who we see quite a number of years after her mother has passed and she had moved away to be a pasty chef far away from where she grew up.  We see Annie return to her childhood and is reunited with her friend Julia St Clair, who is the daughter of the St Clair dynasty.  Something had happened between childhood and the present day which had torn the friendship between Annie and Julia apart and this story follows these two characters as they are brought together in a very unexpected way.  Annie carries a lot of worries and hurt on her shoulders and it was very interesting to find out what happens next.

We also follow the story of Julia St Clair in this book and find out more about her story, her engagement to Wes and a secret that she has been hiding from everyone.

This story does also have an element of mystery to it as we see Annie and Julia come together to form a cupcakery business but there is someone out there who does not want them to suceed and turns to sabotaging their business....   

An absolutely amazing chick lit book that I would strongly recommend to all you chick lit lovers out there...

Best wishes

Debs :-)
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