22 Aug 2010

This is where I read....

Hey guys! Some of you may know that I moved house a week ago. When I say move house, I mean move from a top floor flat in the centre of town to a two bedroom house about 15 minute walk from town. It is absolute heaven... Where we used to live, we were right next to a pub and our living room window overlooked the pub garden where a lot of drunken people congregated and made lots of funny noises all times of the evening. In our new home, it is so quiet it has taken some adjusting!

I thought it would be fun to show a picture of where I read. This is part of my living room and is where I mainly do my reading apart from when it is nearly bedtime where I read in bed before I am nearly falling asleep! The picture on the wall is of various landmarks in Liverpool which is where my partner, Geoffrey, lived before we met. The sofas we have only just got and absolutely love them because they are sooooooooo comfortable! Please ignore the piles of DVDs to the right of the sofa! We have just piled them up there until we pick up a larger bookcase to put them in...

The other side of the living room is a bit of a mess at the mo as we are holding our old sofa and bits for family who are hopefully moving soon. Once the sofa has been taken away there is a fantastic 'nook' under the stairs which we are planning to be a book nook/computer area.... Not sure when we are going to sort that out but will definitely post a picture when we get that done!

I hope you enjoyed this blog.

Best Wishes.