15 Aug 2010

I'm Back and Twilight Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer Book Review

Hey guys!  Im back!  The move went well and we are sooooo happy now!  The area is really quiet and the people are really friendly here!  I am totally knackered from unpacking boxes and trying to decide for the five millionth time where something should go, like pictures!  The next job on my list for today will be to sort out all the many books that I have got and put them on shelves....  I am so excited about that...  I love organising my books....

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga) (Paperback)I have managed to fit in a bit of reading but not a lot unfortunately.  I have managed to finish Twilight Eclipse and I loved it.  I loved the way Bella was torn between Edward and Jacob.  I also loved the way that the two sides, vampires and werewolves, worked together to defect the baddy...  I cried at the end, don't worry I will not give any spoilers away, but the emotions that Bella goes through definitely made me blub a bit!

I loved this book and would have to say that this is my favourite so far....  I have just looked at the size of the next book, Breaking Dawn... OMG..  Its nearly 700 pages! 

10000000000 out of 10



Joann said...

I have read all the goods and I can only tell you- keep reading!!
PS Welcome Back!

Debra's Book Cafe said...

Thanks and thanks! Its going to be a long slog go get through this book but I have to know what happens next! Will let you know how I get on!