5 Jun 2017

Did Not Finish 'DNF' Reviews

For a while now I have only added by DNF books to a shelf on Goodreads with no explanation apart from the fact that I had put a particular book on that shelf.  After thinking about it for a while, I have decided to post blog posts on these books as well as and when I come across them purely for the reason that I feel as a reader and reviewer I should be explaining why I didn't finish it and my feelings about it. 

As a reader, when looking into books I want to read I tend to gravitate towards two types of reviews; ones where the reader has loved the book and ones that the reader either has not managed to finish it or has finished it and didn't like it.  I always like to get two sides to the story so then I can make up my own mind. 

I always like to give every book I pick up a good fighting chance and mostly always reach at least the 50 page part before I decide what to do next.  Below I have put a link to my Goodreads profile page where you will see a shelf called 'DNF or not for me' which is where I have shelved my DNF books.  There's only 28 in there dating back to December 2012.  I had, for a long time, made myself read a book even if I wasn't enjoying it.  Lately, I have been more selective over what I give my reading time to and I wasn't to share that with you.  

As a reviewer, I have always felt that only reviewing the books I read and not showing the ones that I did not finish I am only giving you half of my reading story.  This is where I want to make a change and tell you more about that here.  Hope you don't mind.

If there are any books on my DNF folder, linked below, that you want to know more about and/or why I didn't finish them, let me know.

Best wishes
Debs :-)