13 Nov 2011

Book Review - Something Witchy This Way Comes by Veronica Blade

Brainiac Tessa McClean’s newly discovered magical powers give her an escape from her self-absorbed parents. But the thrill of being a witch fades when she learns of a rival coven and begins to suspect her own coven’s motives. Evidence tells Tessa to trust one side, but instinct drives her toward the other. 

When the school’s scrumptious delinquent, Hayden Anders, offers Tessa self-defense lessons in exchange for tutoring, his timing couldn’t be better. Although hanging out with him is a necessary evil in Tessa’s fight to stay alive, resisting a bad-boy she secretly yearns for might be more than she can manage. 

Together, Tessa and Hayden work to unravel the mysteries behind the two covens to discover why they’ll stop at nothing to lure Tessa to their side. She must form an alliance with one of the covens before it’s too late. But the wrong decision could cost Tessa the lives of all who she holds dear — including Hayden.

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More About the Author
Veronica Blade lives in Southern California with her husband and children. By day she runs the family business, but each night she slips away to spin her tales. She writes stories about young adults to relive her own childhood and to live vicariously through her characters. Except her heroes and heroines lead far more interesting lives — and they are always way hotter.  [Taken from Goodreads]

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Dorothy Thompson said...

My goodness, how nice this was! I fully didn't expect a video review so this is like waking up on Christmas morning! Thanks so much Debra!

Debra's Book Cafe said...

Your welcome Dorothy! :-)

Veronica Blade said...

I'm with Dorothy. Seeing the review on video was cool.

Debra, so glad you liked the book! Thx for all the kind words.