16 Apr 2011

Book Review - Men at Work by Mike Gayle

Men at Work (Quick Reads 2011)

Number of Pages - 96

Publisher - Hodder

My Review - 10 out of 10

Ian Greening loves his job at the Department of Work and Pensions. It might not be the best paid job in the world but it gives him lots of scope for fun. He loves his girlfriend, Emma, too. But when Emma is made redundant, and gets a temping job in Ian's office, he doesn't like it at all. Emma only knows Home Ian - and Work Ian is a different kettle of fish. Spending twenty-four hours a day together is too much of a good thing. But how can he tell her that without hurting her? Ian comes up with a plan to get things back the way they were. But it puts his relationship at risk and forces Ian to decide which really matters most: the job, or Emma. A sweet, funny novel about love and work.  

What a great book.  It had the great mix of funny and sad all wrapped up in a short story..... 

Best wishes