23 Nov 2010

Writing Challenge - What Would You Take on a Deserted Island?

Hi guys,

So myself and my blogging buddy Blair from Bitten By Book Lust (Blog) and Bitten by Book Lust (You Tube Channel) have decided to become more proactive in writing and set ourselves targets (some small and some large).  Below is the prompt and what I chose to write about.  I hope you enjoy.  

If any of you would like to have a go, I would love to hear what you would do...

Lets play the old game 'what would you take on a deserted island? name five things you would take for a month and then write 5 things you'd take if you were stranded six months and why? What would you grow tired with? Swap? Need etc...

Ok, so I am stuck on a deserted island...  Would stuck be the right word?  Maybe, maybe not.  Let’s define the word ‘stuck’.  ‘Stuck’ by dictionary standards can mean trapped, caught and jammed but it could also mean baffled, mystified and puzzled.  Now, I have to say that if I was caught jam-trapped on a deserted island, I would definitely be baffled as to how I got there, mystified as to why I did not know how I got there and puzzled that I am confusing myself in such a way that I cannot remember the point I was making?!

So, I am on a desert island with no means of escape (let’s just forgot the fact that there could be trees and stuff that I could possibly make a boat and ride off into the distance – let’s pretend I don’t know how to do that.....).  I have with me a suitcase that has magically appeared beside me like a loose bit of loo roll that somehow manages to stick to the bottom of your shoe without realising and then tagging onto you for a ride half way down the street before you realise that it is there.  In my suitcase, I have chosen five items.  What are those items, I hear you cry. I know you are dying to find out what they are.... 

Well, firstly I have chosen a tent.   What would you do without a roof over your head?   If I am being honest, I have only really slept in a tent a couple of times and they were horrible....  Ok, so they were horrible but not as horrible as it would be if I slept under the stars.  At least the tent would keep the bugs away, hopefully!  Then again, would I not be able to make my own tent out of the nature that is already on the island but I suppose that pretty much depended on what was there in the first place.  Should I keep the tent as my first choice, sod it – its staying!  A tent is always handy no matter how long you stay on the island.

Now for my second choice.  Hmm...  I think I would take a guitar for entertainment.  So, I don’t know how to play a guitar but if I was stranded on a desert island for one to six months, I could teach myself how to play by just figuring out the different notes. 

Ok, now for the third choice.  It’s getting harder now.  It’s easy to come up with the first two but now I have to use my brain and come up with something a bit more ingenious.  I’ve got it.  The third item that I would take on a deserted island would be a knife, which is a very versatile tool.  I could use it to cut things such as leaves, branches and cut any wildlife that come my way that I could eat...   Also, I have just thought about this one, I could attach the knife to the end of a branch, go into the sea and hunt for fish.

I’m really struggling now.  It’s now time for the fourth choice.  Ouch, my brain is starting to hurt now.  Now I have to come up with something that is more ingenious than all the first three choices.  Ok, I’ve got it.  A book but not just any book it will have to be a book that makes me think, so it would have to be a classic and one that is really long that it would take be forever to read but also one that I would probably not understand on first reading so I would probably have to read it again to truly ‘get it’.  With one single book, I have now got months of entertainment.  Maybe I would choose War and Peace or something like that, I am not sure.   Couple that with the guitar and I will never be bored!!! 

Oh crap, now I have to choose my fifth and final thing and I think I have just used up my best idea on the fourth choice.   Let’s now have a little think and see what we can come up with.  I think I am going to have to get technical with you now.  If I define the word ‘thing’ in the thesaurus, it is defined as obsession, craze, object, point, idea etc – I could go on.  So, technically, I do not have to choose a particular item but I can choose, say, an obsession...  If we define the word ‘obsession’ you get the description ‘passion.  With that in mind, I would have to choose my partner, Geoffrey because he is, after all, my passion, without a doubt.  See, what an ingenious answer that was. 

There we have it, those are my five choices of things to take on a deserted island.  Whether I am on the island for one month or for six months, I would not change a thing...

Best wishes