23 Nov 2010

New Writing Challenges for 2010

Hey guys!

I have decided that now is the time to start reading resolutions for next year and one resolution I plan to make is to broaden by horizon on the reading challenges front.  A blogging buddy of mine, Blair from Bitten by Book Lust Blog has details on a Chick Lit Challenge which I am going to take part in, for more details please see the link below:

I am really excited about this challenge as my favourite genre has to be romance and chicklit and I have quite a few chicklit books sitting on my to be read pile ready and waiting....  The trouble is now I want to read them but I can't until the beginning of 2011......  Hmm......

Also, this year I took part in the 50 Book Challenge (which I started around June) and I have now got into the mid-60s, so I am really proud of that...  Next year, I think I am going to push the boat out and try for a 100 Book Challenge.  I am not sure who started this challenge as I heard it from somewhere who heard it from somewhere else etc etc.  If you know who started this off, would you be able to let me know please..... 

So, what challenges are you going to take part in next year?

Best wishes



Blair Mirth said...

We are so similar. I started really reading as part of the challenge in June 2010. Hehe. I've got my four books that will take me to the end of the year and a whole bookshelf of chick-lits. Good Luck in the challenge.