31 Oct 2010

My 50 Book Challenge - Update

Hey guys!

Just thought I would do a little update blog to say that I have COMPLETED MY 50 BOOK CHALLENGE!!!  I am sooooooooo happy!  Before now, if someone asked me how many books do you read a year, I would have said probably not a lot but actually seeing the list of books in front of me I can say that blimey I have read a lot and that is not over a one year period.

I started  my 50 Book Challenge at the same time as I started this blog, in June/July of this year and I can't believe that in only 5 months I have read 50 books...

I am not going to set myself another challenge until probably in the New Year where I think I will set my self a 100 Book Challenge which, going by this year, I will be able to do no probs but we'll see!!

Best wishes