14 May 2018

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Book Review / A Baby's Bones by Rebecca Alexander

Archaeologist Sage Westfield has been called in to excavate a sixteenth-century well, and expects to find little more than soil and the odd piece of pottery. 

But the disturbing discovery of the bones of a woman and newborn baby make it clear that she has stumbled onto an historical crime scene, one that is interwoven with an unsettling local legend of witchcraft and unrequited love. 

Yet there is more to the case than a four-hundred-year-old mystery. The owners of a nearby cottage are convinced that it is haunted, and the local vicar is being plagued with abusive phone calls. 

Then a tragic death makes it all too clear that a modern murderer is at work…

Published:     1st May 2018
Publisher:  Titan Books

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What more could you want in a book than a thriller with an archaeological dig involved and a story line in the past weaved in!  I could not ask for more!  I have read a lot of thrillers and it really takes a lot for a thriller now to intrigue me and surprise me.  This book ticked all the boxes for me.

We follow Sage, an archaeologist, who is called into investigate an old well found on a property near where she grew up.  It is in this well that they find the bones of a woman and a baby.  There are so many things disturbing about this.  Who would kill a woman?  Who would kill a baby?  The woman and baby were murdered a long time ago and as the story goes alone we follow Sage as she tries to discover more.  We also follow characters in the past, at the time the woman and child were alive, and gradually discover the disturbing truth of what happened then.  Back in the present day, you also have the eerie family who live in the house where the well was discovered coupled with a modern day murder mystery.

I just could not put this book down and honestly read it in one day.  Loved it!