1 Oct 2017

Book Review / Cars, Coffee and a Badass Ninja Toilet by KC Hilton

If you deal with customers day after day who drive you insane, give you reasons to drink alcohol, or make you want to quit your job, this book is definitely for you.

A chaotic and hilarious portrait of a used car lot owner, Julia Karr. Her feisty attitude and fearless approach to managing a business, how it affects her home life and dealings with customers will have you scratching your head about humanity.

Seeing the business world through Julia's jaded eyes may convince you that owning a business isn't what it’s cracked up to be. Her attitude is drenched with sarcasm and dipped in crazy sauce. She blames the car lot.

Published:     1st September 2017
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Series or Stand-Alone:  Book 1, Julia Karr

Source:  Review Copy from Author


I have always been a big fan of KC Hilton.  The House at Finkleton series and 90 Miles to Freedom were books that I have previously read and enjoyed.   I hadn't realised how stressful working at a car lot could be so stressful.  I found this book to be very funny in places and really enjoyed following the main character, Julia, as she meets every type of customer possible, even ones that try to steal a car!   If I was being critical, I would have loved to have a lot less stress in the story, which made me anxious alongside the main character, and a bit more fun.  I am definitely intrigued to find out more in this series.