13 Oct 2017

Author Interview / Blog Tour - The Angel by Katerina Diamond


When a burned body is found in a disused signal box, suspicion falls on lonely teenager Gabriel Webb. There’s no doubt he was at the scene of the crime, but does he deserve what awaits him in prison?

DS Imogen Grey is certain there’s more to the case than meets the eye. But while she struggles to convince those around her of the truth, her partner DS Adrian Miles is distracted by his own demons.

When a brutal double murder is reported, their investigation is stopped in its tracks. Is the body in the box even who they thought it was? The duo realise Gabriel might have been locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. But with enemies watching Gabriel’s every move, they may be too late.

Miles and Grey are back in the thrilling new novel from bestselling author Katerina Diamond, perfect for fans of Karin Slaughter and M.J. Arlidge, Orange Is The New Black and Locked Up.

  1. If you could work with any other author, who would it be and why?

That’s such a difficult question. There are so many great authors out there and I haven’t read nearly as many as I might like. I would love to work in a collaboration one day – although I’m probably a complete nightmare to work with due to my lack of organisation. I wouldn’t mind writing something with Scottish Author Ed James, although I fear it would push the boundaries a little too far!

  1. What would be a typical working day for you? When and where do you write?

Well I used to work in the corner of my bedroom, and before that when we lived in our last place in a windowless room in the basement. I have just started renting a room somewhere that I can use as an office. I will be going there every day, there is no internet and so hopefully I will be free from (self-imposed) distractions all day

  1. What is the hardest part of the writing for you?

Self-discipline. Just getting up every day and doing the work. Also Planning, and following the plan – its all hard!

  1. When and why did you first start writing?

When I first had my son (who is now 17) I decided that I hated everything about daytime television and I wanted more, I wanted to exercise my mind and so I started writing a weird mafia screenplay (which I never finished).

  1. How did you come up with the idea for your book?

In all honesty I don’t know, I just write down as many things as I can think of in the form of questions. What if there was a fire in building? What if there was a body in the fire? Etc etc.

  1. Are you a big reader? If so, what are you reading now?

I used to be a big reader but I find it quite hard at the moment not to be constantly thinking about my own story. I am however reading ‘The Dolls house’ by Phoebe Morgan, which I am really enjoying.

  1. Do you have any advice for other aspiring writers?

Just work at it, get up every day and do the work. Listen to any and all advice. Read lots of blogs and books on how to write. Also, remember it’s a business, so when people reject you, its nothing personal. We have all had rejection in the past.